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FICTION by Dylan Brie Ducey

Bullshit Lit - Three Stories
Twelve Winters Journal - "The Bride in the Rowboat"
Five on the Fifth - "The Cat Lady"
Derelict Lit (reprint) - "Black Faux Fur Coat at Caffé Trieste"
Four Way ReviewJaconita
Gargoyle #66 (print) - "Effacée Like Me"
Split Lip - "The Dare"
Sou'wester (print) - "God Bless the Child"
Minola Review - "Three a.m."
The Tishman Review (print) - "The Perfect Mother"
Jellyfish Review - "The Black Leather Pants"
Pithead Chapel - "The Talisman"
Halfway Down the Stairs - "Even When You Think I'm Not There"
3288 Review (print) - "The Scotch and Water"
Foliate Oak - "The Turk"
Monkeybicycle - "39th Street, Oakland"
Transfer (2015, print) - "Two Polish Parties"
Transfer 108 (2015, reprints) - "Hush Little Baby," "Black Faux Fur Coat at Caffé Trieste"
Whiskeypaper - "The Acolyte"
decomP magazinE - "The Woman and the Baby"
Pear Noir! (2013, print) - "Black Faux Fur Coat at Caffé Trieste"
The Pinch (2013, print) - "Hush Little Baby"
New Delta Review (2003, print) - "All the Things You Are"
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